Fletch (Fletch, #1), Confess, Fletch (Fletch, #2), Fletch’s Fortune (Fletch, #3), Fletch and the Widow Bradley (Fletch, #4), Fletch’s Moxie (Fletch, #5). The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. Son of Fletch [Gregory Mcdonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Fletch learns there are four ex-cons on the loose in his part of the.

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In the mids, he moved to PulaskiTennessee. Skylar in Yankeeland, Comment: Another instance of the publisher setting the ebook price higher than the new hardback price. I really like him, and his partner, Sylvia. The art market, maintained by the elite, is not better than it should be. While the character might work for some, and is no doubt a fair reflection of a certai Fletch is the first in a series of nine books featuring the investigative journalist.

Fletch was the first book written in the Fletch series and arguably the best.

Flynn would go on to star in four of his own spin-off novels: Fletch’s Fortune 4. I did enjoy it; it was light, amusing. It’s a decent mystery and Macdon I was looking forward to revisiting Fletch–this time on audio read flletch Dan Jon Miller–as I had enjoyed it and the movie with Chevy Chase back in the 70s.

Fletch Series by Gregory McDonald

I do recall it being goofier and more of a straightforward comedy than the book is. Irwin Fletcher is a smart ass investigative reporter who has gone undercover as a junkie to find the source of a drug epidemic at the beach.

Aug 17, Michael Prelee rated it really liked it. When I was 16, Fletch was everything I wanted to be.


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In Confess, FletchMcdonald also introduced his second signature protagonist, Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn, a brilliant but eccentric Boston Police homicide detective who served as a mmcdonald for Fletch. Mankind’s soul and physical appearance may not agree. He called his boss a ‘stupid bitch’ to her face, fine. McDonald surely knows how to punch in a biting and sarcastic humour with a very real and genuine mystery.

I always enjoy it, but quite often all I ever remember is Chevy Chase in many disguises and the mono-thematic Harold Faltermeyer score which rivals his music for Beverly Hills Cop with its ability to stay in your head for decades. A gem of a book. This is the rare instance where the movie is better than the book. As mentioned above, my copy was gifted to me by a friend.

While the character might work for some, and is no doubt a fair reflection of a certain kind of mcdonalx, I found him tiresome and annoying: However concealed, every society has an “old ,cdonald network”, which works in unpredictable ways.

There are two main plots, when we first meet Fletch working on an assignment trying to discover the supplier of illicit drugs at a grdgory California beach.

MysteryComedy Novel. You’ve tortured us all with surprise endings that made no sense.

Mcdonald has reported that he designed these works simultaneously to express something of the differences in value systems and language between North and South. Mcdonald has mentioned being intimated by some critics declaring this book a classic instantly upon greyory.

Apr 12, Patrick rated it it was amazing. View all 5 comments. As Mcdonald’s official website notes: Buy this book Confess Fletch He’s sardonic and cynical with the DGAF attitude but there are other ways to illustrate his dominance and masculinity other than making him cruel to animals. The book version of Fletch is amoral, or at least puts aside his morality, to do what it takes to get the story right, even if it means putting his own life and health on the line.


You may not think this is noir at first, but it’s all there just waiting to be unraveled. While crime fiction is flettch with anti-heroes, they usually have a quality that endears them in some way to the reader. There is plenty brains, plenty cockiness and the women are ravishing.

Gregory Mcdonald – Wikipedia

Fletch has been on my shelf for years and I never thought about picking it up and reading it but I just got tired of looking at the much worn paperback cover, so wanted to read it, get it grgeory of my house to replace with a better read.

He is a master of entrapment. In the order in which the novels take place, the series leads gregry with Fletch Wonin which Fletch is a young and engaged-to-be-married, relatively inexperienced reporter.

Even 35 years after its publication, “Fletch” still feels original: But I felt like the author didn’t write her character thoroughly enough to demonstrate said status of ‘stupid bitch’ well enough. I liked how he talked into the tape recorder and figured things out. Jul 19, Amber rated it it was ok Shelves: Ships from and sold by Fleur Fine Books.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

There are no flies on Stanwyk. A millionaire businessman named Alan Stanwyk approaches Fletch to hire Fletch to murder him; the man tells Fletch that he is dying of bone cancer and wants to avoid a slow, painful death. Or the divorce lawyers who keep showing up at the office. Really really loved this book.